Q1- Why this Platform?

The platform is a contribution to providing accessible data that are collected from public conversations on Twitter for researchers and data practitioners to benifit from and provide data driven content and stories

Q2- What does the Platform Include?

The platform is based on gathering data based on hashtags that were used during the Lebanese Protests since October 16th 2019. The Platform includes three section

- Protests Info: A breif description about the protests with the top used hashtags based on Twitter.

- Protests Data: Includes free raw datasets for each day of the protests (data collected from twitter public search)

- Demands: People can share their demands and download the demands list without providing any persoanl information (Comments Concept)

Q3- How to benifit?

This platform allows all researchers, students, journalists, activists, academics and media institutions and others to benefit from all uploaded datasets according to the purpose of their work.

Q4- What are Open and Accessible Data?

This platform provides three kinds of open data as follows, tweets datasets collection for each day , an visualized interactive dashboard displays the provided datasets. The principle of open data is to disseminate data to the public in such a way that any user can use, reuse and share the data in a way that serves the purpose of their work.

Q5- Protection of Users’ Privacy?

The privacy of users is protected since the platform doesn’t gather any personal data at all, and registration is not required to add a demand or download any available dataset. The platform based the data collection on what is allowed by the policies of Twitter in regard of access to public accounts, hashtags and search options. In other words, anyone can use the Twitter search and get the same and exact data

Q6- Ensuring Validity of data and Margins of Error?

The data provided on the platform are based on the public data available on Twitter. As for the analytical graphs related to gender and professions, they are based on the use of intelligent tools that detects different indicators such as the name and profession mentioned in the account. An advanced scientific methodology is used with the demand section to ensure the validity of data. The platform does not guarantee complete accuracy in this area, but considers that the demand sample will form a scientific indicator that can be built upon.

Q7- Why we are collecting this Data?

We are interested in analyzing the demands of the participants and cluster different groups of needs in order to come up with a "Data-Driven" list of requirements along with frequencies of each.

Q8- How we can be sure there is no manipulation to the data?

We are using public data available on Twitter, allowing anyone to download an instance. At any point in time, you can download a customized dataset and compare the results with different datasets exported and with online available Twitter data.

Q9- Is there any violation to user privacy?

Not at all! We are only interested with the content regardless of who demands it. So the results are aggregations of demands from public tweets and no user profiling whatsover.

If you have any question, please send an email