"Lebanon Protests" is an independent interactive platform based in open-data in collaboration between Data Aurora and Maharat Foundation.

Contributing in publishing data and faithfully providing open data as an essential key to transparency, anti-corruption, development and promoting scientific research.

This platform allows access to all researchers, students, professors, journalists, activists, institutions, etc; to benefit from all the data driven surveys and statistics related to the Lebanese revolution/protests. Also, giving access to daily updated statistics, and follow up on social media related subjects all over the world with free downloads.

This platforms allows citizens to express themselves freely and honestly without any requested information other than "in Lebanon" or "Abroad", where any Lebanese citizen can skim through all the documented data freely, as well as all the Lebanese demands and a summary of all that is adopted by outhorities and government throughout this revolution.

Note: This platfrom allows everyone to access, share, and download data and information based on "Freedom of Speech" and "Access to Information" rights.

We are open to any additional ideas for further development


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